Friday, March 18, 2011

That Terrible Place Called...

Question: Are there times when hell doesn't exist at all? What tortures are there in hell exactly? Why doesn't someone stop them from happening? like we have laws here that stop people from hurting each other. If God or enlightened beings can do anything, why don't they establish everyone in a state of bliss?

Answer: Hell is an interesting topic. Hell Heaven and Everything is all a matter of dosage.

A person being force fed water or being waterboarded is in watery hell. A person getting a drink of water when thirsty is in heaven. A person dying of thirst is again hell. So hell is the extreme lack of or extreme overdose of anything. It could be matter or emotion. Hell is the degeneration of our two extreme natures: left and right. Heaven is in center. Those who are in one realm and not bothered by those in other realms. Eg, a person in the center is not invisible, however, he is never noticed by those who suffer and are agents of suffering on the extreme right or left channels.

Hell is maintained for the improvement and evolution of those who cannot hold on to the center, I think. So that those souls may appreciate the value of being centered. Those who yearn extremes of anything: intellect, religion, ritual, knowledge, wealth, power end up away from heaven, away from center. And by extreme - it could be both extremes. Those who extremely want anything in excess or want to totally rid of something. e.g. Both, those who do excessive spiritual studies and those who totally eliminate spiritual studies, both are extremes and away from the center. Both never find heavenly satisfaction.

I am too hoping to hang on to the center and stabilize there. Self-realization is finding the center. The hard part is staying there.

Three people could be standing in the same room, but their attention may be like pendulum, swinging from the hells of extremes and occasionally finding the center. Only silent meditation - no mantras, devices, guidance, prayer or ritual can help to stay in the center.

Hope this helps.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Health Benefits of Sahaja Meditation

People who practice Sahaja Meditation are aware of many health benefits it offers. One of the leading researching in the field of Sahaja Meditation is Dr. Ramesh Manocha. You can visit his site on Researching Meditation for more of the latest health findings.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Quote on Anger

Anger is a wind which blows out the lamp of the mind. Sahaja meditation is a torch that lights the lamp of the spirit.

Robert Green Ingersoll (1833-1899, American orator, lawyer)

Read more about the Agnya Chakra, controller of mind and anger

Monday, June 05, 2006

why pain in right shoulders?

why pain in right shoulders?
when i feel over worked or get upset and fustrated i get a pain in my right shoulder its feels very tight why would this be?? stress maybe?

Right Shoulder corresponds to the cervical plexus' right aspect which maintains and nourishes that area.

In yogic philosophy, the right cervical plexus (Right Vishuddhi Chakra) represents the center of sweetness and diplomacy. If you look at it from a yogic point of view, it is a manifestation of a blockage of the R. Vishuddhi. To confirm or deny take a short test. Do these additional malfunctions related to the right cervical plexus manifest:

1. Anger, use of sharp words.
2. Inability to handle pressure situations diplomatically.
3. Headache in the left part of the head/forehead.
4. Issues with the liver.
5. Heartburn/Constipation.

If some of the above manifest, then it might be a problem in the subtle system.

the solution is chakra cleansing and kundalini awakening is one good way to do it. Where could you learn it? There is possibly a free class closeby if you would care to look up on the Sahaja Meditation Class directory or elsewhere online.

[...] urged people to kill others, Jesus did not why is [...] followed by so many people?

Question from seeker:
Muhammad urged people to kill others, Jesus did not why is Muhammad a followed by so many people?

Never did he do it. What gives you that idea?

So-called false followers of enlightened souls have done it. So-called followers of Christ have destroyed nations after nations under the flag of Roman Catholics. Transgressed boundaries and tried to create empires in Asia, Africa, Australia and the Americas on the blood of Natives people of the land. Exploited and left those lands in poverty.

[BTW, I am not a Muslim, but a student of all religions.]

Christ and Mohammed are the maifestations of the same pure and benevolent being. Their messages were the same, no doubt in that: becoming better people and rising to our destiny of evolution.

They suffered the same tragedy of having their 'brands' taken to extremes by false followers. In case of Christ were Peter and Paul. In case of Prophet Mohd., it was his so-called friend who started the first runaway division of faith.

The true followers of Islam / Mohammed were Sufis (a word meaning 'pure'). Not the fundamentalist belligerents we see on TV. They don't even come close to the personality that Prophet Mohammed was.

Put yourself in His position and think, if you were gone and people twisted your words and made wars on those basis. So your contention is almost right, but not quite.

Another reason why many followers of Islam cropped up, especially in Africa was as follows: Africa, mostly ruled by French who proclaimed themselves to be 'Christians' and displayed all immoral character, repelled the African masses to drift away from Christianity. This was revealed in interviews done by H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi with African muslims, in an attempt to chart their exodus into Islam. That answers the numbers-part of your question.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

is there a saint for the dead or is there really a santo la muerte?

"Yama" is the Lord of Death and his messengers carriers of souls whose time is up on earth.

"Yama" is kind and 'just-doing-his-job' because of the birth-death cycle of humanity.

Yama has a beautiful story with Savitri, who diplomatically made him return her husbands life by befriending Yama.

Thats the Vedic (Hindu) take on Santo de Muerte, I guess.

Take care, he won't "come after" anyone. Rest easy.

Can meditation help a person manage their anger?


Anger control with meditation is a reality. Combined with the elegant technique of Pranayama, it is possible. I have just recently blogged about it. Read here if you will:


I'm very tense, its hurts to be massaged what can I do to release the tension?

So you are probably looking for non-contact form on tension relief. Easy enuf, I am not sure which country you are in, but my guess is that help is not too far off.

Healing techniques that deal with chakras remotely would work best for you. Finding a healer and a technique could be another challenge. Keeping the healer and repeated service might proove costly.

One good solution is to become a self-healer. Nothing too fancy. Some techniques out there are quite elegant as the knowledge part is given out freely. As long as you keep learning there is sustained development.

Kundalini awakening and healing chakras through it might be helpful. In fact you can try a first exercise yourself at the computer at:

Find a free local class or workshop by looking up the international directory here:

and the USA directory here:


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Are viruses living or dead?

Hi! Viruses are non living creatures. They can be said to be 'dead'. I think the essential point is that they are NOT carbon based life forms like everything else in the world.

They carry insufficient genetic materials which keeps them on the border of living and dead. IF you are concerned about microbes, practicing Sahaja meditation has health benefits.

Assume ur wife or girl / boy friend's going to die2morrow and S/he wants you to die with her. Would u accept?

"Sati" system from recent Indian history. Savitri was the wife that chased the lord of death, befriended him and brought back her husband.

Way to go.

When will god write a sequel to the Da Vinci Code?

When will god write a sequel to the Da Vinci Code?
I enjoyed the Da Vinci Code, I think god is a pretty good author. When do you guys think he will write another book?

Hmmm... Burden of sequel on God? He never started it.

If Christ is Episode 1, then the path for the coming of the Holy Spirit is the sequel, the grande climax.

As usual, it is NOT religion specific. Mentioned in all, felt by few:
Holy Ghost / Spirit: Christianity
Ruh: Islam
Zephyr: Judaism?
Paramachaitanya: Vedic Thoughts


How much longer will it take people on earth to trash all religion beliefs and become athiest?

How much longer will it take people on earth to trash all religion beliefs and become athiest And turn the House of God into House of Science.

Atheism is not the only conclusion of dissillisionment.

Many will find the true universal pure religion (Vishwa Nirmala Dharma) after being fed up by the plastic ones.

When I say this... what does it mean to you?

When I say this....?
"I am dark, so is my heart. Let the Master judge me. For not all who wander are lost."

what does it mean to you?

Many schools of thought converge on the issue that modern times are "judgement times". But only a few schools explicitly state how exactly we become our own master, our own judge.

When we start seeing the specifics of problems (darkness) within us... in Patanjali yoga this is correlated to "chakras" within us, their problems and cleansing.

The blockages of the chakras (where the deities reside) need to be resolved, for which individuals need to judge themselves. The most sensitive parts to which chakras map are our finger tips. This sits in comfortably with Islamic prophecies "your hands will speak at the time of resurrection".

So, you can know your self via your sensitivity. And this comes from enlightenment or awakening. I would encourage you to try this excercise of feeling your chakras on Sahaja Yogas free meditation websites. Most of them have a section or link to "Experience Now".

All the best!


Why humans need religion?

Religio (L) comes from roots which mean Sustenance. Everyone is born... everyone dies... but in between needs sustenance. That is religion.

Religion, not the property of groups and organizations, but a self-mastery. A skill to do everything expected (life, children, parents, relationships, work) and be above it.

The key phrase is "atitah" in yoga theory. You do the required stuff, but you are beyond those duties. You grow beyond them. This comes through self-realization and Kundalini awakening. [Again, not the marketed, for charge kinds]

All the best my friend.

Do you have powers? Do you have the ability to do things that are hard to explain? If you do what are they.

Yes... ability to feel the pain in others and then the ability to correct it, secretly and quietly, without being affected.

The ability to see and make the positive in others grow, through enlightened attention.

The ability to know bad from good, with a contant yardstick of divine vibrations.

The ability to love my enemies, those who actively poison me.

The ability to do the needful, lead a life and be above it.

The ability to raise the Kundalini.

Yoga??????? Ok, I would like to get rid of stress. Someone suggested yoga. However, I am NOT limber. Should I still look into it?

Yoga is union. Yoga is not just physical (Hatha) but complete union, enunciated in its 8 branches, so beautifull by Patanjali.

Anyways, on more practical terms: Yes, yoga, the union is necessary for stress relief, achieving freedom from thoughts.

Yoga is union... of what with what? Within is an arrangement since birth: Kundalini (Divine Feminine) and Atma (Spirit) which are separate and need to unite to create the joy and bliss. The fallout of this yoga/union is bliss, relief from all concerns, pains and tensions.

The Kundalini needs to traverse the path of the central channel before touching the spirit which resides in the physical heart.

One exercise, a guided meditation I can recommend is by H. H. Shri Mataji and its quite likely that at the end of this short meditation, you'll be quite blissed:

Good Day, Mate!


How do I meditate for more energy?

Sahaja Yoga Meditation promises more energy. Kundalini is a mothering energy within us which lies dormant, awaiting our desire to awaken it.

Once awakened, it can start energizing our chakras and channels in a soothing and motherly way, taking careful small steps in our growth.

This benevolent form of meditation has been developed and made available for free. Some exercises are online and you may be able to find a free meditation center nearby in whichever country you are. Let me know if you need specific help/guidance. For now, try these links:

Guided Meditations:

Locate a free weekly meditation class:


What does meditation do for you?

Meditation is quite the joy! Yes, once you get past the initial mastering of the self, thoughts and blockages, its a sweet ride.

Meditation has done a lot for me. Thanks to anon nature, I can frankly tell you I was quite a distraught fella, burdened and hopeless with no life: social or otherwise.

Meditation opened up blocked chakras, re-energized the inner being through union of Kundalini and Spirit and stopped the buzz of the brain.

Meditation brought humility of some good measure. Ability to understand and feel others. Ability to accept and be peaceful with belligerent people. Loosen up and see the humor behind it all.

Meditation has done quite it's bit my transforming me and there is a long path to go before everything's close to perfection. But the joy should come from the start.

Here is a good place to start, from the heart:


Also, see this blog post on "Anger control via Pranayama"

I desire to know effectiveness of Kozmic Energy Treatment for pain relief and its authentic source in India?

Hi, during my initial years learning various alternative healing treatment, I did come across cosmic (kozmic) energy treatment using machines generating cosmic rays. It worked for quite a lot of people, but I kept looking for something similar which would be beyond machines and might have a more natural source.

I finally found out about Kundalini awakening, being done en masse since 1970 by a Saint of Indian Origin, now available in a handful of countries. The advantage here is that you are not paying out to transient sources of treatment but discover the instrument of healing energies within you.

Sometimes, it is possible to start feeling and activating this energy starting with some online guided meditations, but you can always go to a free meditation class/workshop, which may be close by.

Check out the guided meditation:


Read more on meditation:

On Kundalini:

I have brownish/red round spots in my heart area that have spread during the last two years


I am not sure if you are open to alternate-healing theories, but to me it sounds like a condition of what is the center-heart chakra.

This chakra is the subtle energy center driving the cardiac plexus, with functions of providing us with our immune system and defending us with anti-bodies.

Besides good covering via clothing, chakras are nourished through vibrating them after self-realization / kundalini awakening.

Here are some suggested steps:
Step 1. Try to awaken the Kundalini Energy (see refernce for links)
Step 2. Work on the center-heart by keeping the right hand on it and drawing the pure energy from the surroundings.

for Step 1 you may visit any of these wonderful guided meditation pages:

For how to meditate, visit:

For simple chakra cleansing:

All the best!
Many Regards,
Yogi Friend


Where can i find a sufi guru in middle europe?

You can become a true sufi yourself. I am not kidding.

Sufi comes from the Indo-Persian "Saaf", which means clean. Sufis were the ones who pursued self-cleansing and bliss. Whirling dervishes and multani qawwals were a few examples.

The central concept of sufism, which was cleansing can be attained through cleansing chakras and channels within us. Depending in what country you are on, you can find free instruction on these eastern cleansing techniqes at a free class close-by:


Do you believe in the holy trinity?

Of course... but it means different things to different cultures.

In Vedic/Sanstkritc beliefs itself there are 2 major trinities:

Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh (Creator, Sustainer & Destroyer)

Mahasaraswati, Mahalaxmi & Mahakali (Creatrix, Evolution & Enlightener)

and of course our popular concept: Father, Son and Mother.

I believe in them because I see their actions within the reflected cosmos, our selves, on a daily basis. e.g.

The Father is the all pervading energy we need to connect to. The Mother and Son help us cross the final step before meeting the Father. The Mother and Son, Mary and Jesus are also referenced in Sanskritic/Vedic litterature as Mahavishnu/Mahalaxmi and the predicted dates of advent and action match closely.


The Devi Bhagavatam, Eng Translation by Swami Vijayananda
Talks by H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Practice of Sahaja Yoga (try online: