Tuesday, May 23, 2006

How do I meditate for more energy?

Sahaja Yoga Meditation promises more energy. Kundalini is a mothering energy within us which lies dormant, awaiting our desire to awaken it.

Once awakened, it can start energizing our chakras and channels in a soothing and motherly way, taking careful small steps in our growth.

This benevolent form of meditation has been developed and made available for free. Some exercises are online and you may be able to find a free meditation center nearby in whichever country you are. Let me know if you need specific help/guidance. For now, try these links:

Guided Meditations:

Locate a free weekly meditation class:
World: http://sahajayoga.org/worldwidecontacts/...
USA: http://sahajayoga.org/worldwidecontacts/...



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